Question 1: What is KHQ Group?

KHQ Group is a private office of Shaikh Khalid bin Humaid bin Saqar Al Qasimi, who belongs to the royal family. Founded in..KHQ associates with and invests in the world enterprises to help them grow their businesses in Dubai and across the globe. KHQ is a launchpad for companies looking to spread wings or for people dreaming of setting up a business in Dubai or in other parts of the world. Working with KHQ ensures various benefits including a stable economy of Dubai, supportive government policies, growing business ecosystem, high subsidies, and easy access to higher officers and officials.

Question 2: How can I apply to partner with KHQ Group??

KHQ group promises all the support and assistance if your company deals in the digital and technology area having an innovative, flexible, and effective idea. We will analyse the type of business and the environment under which your venture will be set up and all commercial, legal, and financial angles. We then will give a verdict on the type of collaboration and business model of the strategic partnership that can work out with you. If the idea is perfect and has the potential for implementation, it doesn't matter whether it is a big or small venture. We will work with until we see the end product


Question 3. If the application is approved, what support can I expect from you?

Once selected, we will be working with you as a strategic partner who guides you through l the process towards your business goals. If the deal with us is sealed, KHQ will use the best business practices and then ensure that you have the essentials in communications, ethical expectations to start networking and earn clients. We will help you set up meets with people who matter to your business and make your entrepreneurial life easy and simpler. KHQ provides the engine and energy for you to start and establish your company in the UAE or across the globe.

Question 4: Which other countries or regions would I be able to expand into if I take my business to Dubai?

A connecting geographic point between the East and the West of the world, Dubai is ideal for any business looking to expand into Europe, Asia, Middle East and North Africa.
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