We are continually exploring the market for promising ventures in various sectors, with the shortlist subject to the process of project identification and evaluation.

Once completed and the investment project has been approved, our team provides strategic solutions at this stage to ensure successful market entry and sustainable revenue streams. By leveraging our broad network of contacts in the region, we continue to add value to projects that do not fall within our preferred industry sectors or that do not meet our investment criteria, helping companies to acquire strategic and investment partners, thereby acting as a catalyst, providing a link between the right people, ideas, knowledge, and resources to build strength.

Where we invest?

We are on the lookout for start-ups representing diverse industries. We prefer to partner early, work with you in developing your product, gain market share, and subsequently invest at the right stage when we see high-growth potential in your start-up. Prior to taking investment-related decisions, we spend time cultivating good relationships with the founders, gauging their product demand, and determining the future feasibility of the idea. Amidst all this, we give full freedom to founders to scale up their business under our mentorship.

What we invest in?

We invest in the right idea, the right product, the right strategy, and the right people no matter which industry you come from and which part of the world you belong to. Seed Group believes that potential ideas for successful businesses could come from anywhere. Our selection committee is looking specifically for next-generation entrepreneurs who are open-minded and have a global perspective.
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