8 Reasons Why Dubai is an Economic Miracle

A fertile land for entrepreneurs, we will give you six reasons as to why this land of red sands has an economy where everything can flourish. Dubai, which grew from a tiny port town to a towering economy, is destined for bigger things in business in fewer than five decades. Experts and great economists predict six reasons that could fast-track the growth and turn the port town into a business empire. With a bright future forecast, this island country has the perfect launch pad for you to start a business; take an existing venture into newer heights or expand the company globally, catering to a wider audience and in technology and digital sectors.

Reason 1: A Prime Spot

With a geographical location that connects East and and the West, Dubai is your prime location to gain access to Europe, Asia, and the MENA region.

Reason 2: Centre of all Entrepreneurship

Imagine a city which has a minister taking care of Artificial Intelligence! Yes, we are talking about Dubai, the commercial capital of the UAE. The emirate embodies everything that is inspired by technology and digital. Dubai yours to next stop to build a business empire.

Reason 3: Conducive Conditions

With the government providing all the assistance for any enterprise to grow and thrive, Dubai is your only fertile ground for business empowerment.

Reason 4: Pay no Tax

As an entrepreneur, you will feel most confident and secure in Dubai, thanks to a tax-free and secure financial and economic set-up. The system allows businesses from around the world to come to land and launch ventures confidently

Reason 5: Diversity

Dubai is home to people from diverse cultures and ethnicities. Having provided safe abodes for people of over 200 nationalities, it is now a global society offering high prospects for start-ups as well as existing companies.

Reason 6: Focussed on Technology & Digitisation

Driven by advanced technologies and digitisation, Dubai has set an agenda for a more inclusive tech-driven society in future. The rich emirate is working on to make life simpler for businesses from all across the globe
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